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Bruce Weber Images

Stock Photography

The following links take you to our various stock photography portfolios. Please take a look!

About Bruce Weber Images

self-364I guess I’ve been creative since a very early age. My first artistic efforts were to smear combinations of yellow, blue, and red finger paint into brownish blobs on pieces of typewriter paper. All of my unremarkably similar paintings were taped to the refrigerator with pride. However, it soon became apparent that I had absolutely no hand-eye coordination, and so I turned away from painting (and sports–and anything that required any sort of coordination, really) to pursue music. Proudly the loudest child in the church youth choir, I found my artistic outlet. My vocal stylings were loud and mostly on pitch, and so I was much sought after by nearly every music teacher I encountered.

But none of this has anything to do with my current love affair with photography. In 1969, my brother returned from the war in SE Asia bearing a gift. The SLR camera, with all its manual settings and darkroom chemicals, started me on a new hobby that allowed me to rest my voice. I moved from black and white film and the darkroom to shooting slide film as my passion progressed. Being an irrepressible early adopter, I moved to digital photography as soon as the image quality started approaching the quality of film. A nerd through and through, I have wholeheartedly embraced Photoshop and the digital revolution. In 2009, I started a pet photography business called Northwest Dog Shots. And in 2015, I expanded the business to include corporate and industrial photography, product and still-life work, and headshots and portraits. And I have re-branded the name to Bruce Weber Images.

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